1. Fall is one of the most amazing seasons in #Canada. #Maple leaves are quite colourful in fall and most of the #National #Parks in Canada are just breathtakingly beautiful.

This picture was taken during our road trip to #Algonquin #Park, #Ontario in September 2012. I wish I was there at this time of year too :).
  2. #Frankfurt - captured from its tallest tower. The whole city was destroyed in World War II - like #Berlin and #Munich. The other two cities decided to rebuild their past glory, unlike them, Frankfurt decided to move towards future and build a new city. 

In the picture, you can see the only church that remained unharmed after the bombing.
  3. As the picture suggests - the name of the restaurant is #Chutney - I loved the place for its variety of chutneys :)

Trying #Guntur #Idly after a looooong time :) #Foodporn  (at Chutneys)
  4. Enjoying #Idly besides Hussain Sagar #Lake in #Hyderabad - check! (at Hussain Sagar)
  5. #Ganesh Chaturthi and then Visarjan is amongst the most important festivals in #Maharashtra, #India. The #festival goes for around 10 days with lots of events and #celebrations among local bodies in the cities and villages. 

It also has a lot of negative connotations for #noise #pollution and #garbage after the event - specially on the last day (Visarjan) as people drop the Ganesh idol in the local #lakes. This time local bodies took lots of #cleanliness #initiatives and created artificial water tanks and bins just for containing garbage after the event. We did our part - hope more and more people get #aware and do theirs!  (at Nagpur,maharastra)
  6. #Prague - I can live here for a long time! This place screams beauty, art and culture at every street :)

One of my fav things in Europe is to explore an old #cafe! This time its a chocolate cafe in Prague near the famous #Charles #Bridge. Got here on friend’s recommendations - their CHOCO CAFE SPECIAL is just too good! (at Choco-café)
  7. A new journey begins :) #Travel  (at Toronto Pearson International Airport)
  8. Ripley’s Aquarium of #Canada, #Toronto  - quite impressed! Specially with the #sharks, rays and jelly fishes! (at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada)
  9. #NiagaraFalls - One last time with good friends! Still hold their charm :)
  10. Finally got my #oneplus - the last time I got so excited about a gadget was 3 years ago for my #Canon #T2i Rebel :)

According to ‘Time’ it is the ‘Phone of Dreams’ and according to most sites its the greatest smartphone you cannot buy - full points to their Marketing and Branding team! Let’s explore!!!
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